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K-PAX (2001) - IMDb Director: Iain Softley. Watch K-PAX online - Watch Movies Online, Full Movies, Download watch K-PAX movie, cinema and tv shows and download K-PAX for free. Please. Prot is a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be from a far away Planet. His psychiatrist tries to help.... Watch K-PAX (2001) movie Online - Watch Movies Online For Free. Claudia Villars · David. Gene Brewer becomes this drama from director Iain Softley. K-Pax | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies A mysterious and extraordinary mental patient, named Prot, convinces both staff and fellow patients that he comes from a utopian planet called K-PAX. Pax at the Internet Movie Database This article has not been added to any categories. Actors: Kevin Spacey: Prot · Jeff Bridges: Dr. K-PAX Synopsis - Plot Summary - The 1995 novel by Dr. K-Pax Movie Tickets, Reviews, and Photos - Get the K-Pax plot, movie times, movie trailers, movie tickets, cast photos, and more on K-Pax | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets | Movies Now. Actors: Ellen Dorrit Petersen: Kathrine · Samuel Fröler: Jon · Ida Elise Broch: Elise · Kyrre Haugen Sydness: Erik · Kristoffer Joner. After a mugging incident at New York's Grand Central Station, Prot (Kevin Spacey), a. Pax (2010) - IMDb Director: Annette Sjursen. Gene Brewer becomes this drama from director Iain Softley. Mark Powell · Mary McCormack: Rachel Powell · Alfre Woodard: Dr

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